Stefan Gliesche

Qianlead Coach
for Inspiring Leadership

Stefan Gliesche is an internationally renowned expert in coaching and training for business leaders and professionals: if you are leading people he’s the perfect choice to develop your individual peak performance in leadership, in complete harmony with your personal character and style. For more than 15 years he’s been working successfully with entrepreneurs, executive officers, and managers in Europe and Asia to build up strong, authentic and inspiring communication and leadership skills.

Peak Performance in Leadership, Harmony in Life

„I believe that good leadership can change the world – the little one of every single employee, but also the big one for all of us by guiding teams to create amazing products and services: because it's the manager who is responsible for creating an environment, in which everyone can live up to her/his full potentiality.

Good leadership starts with a clear vision, is anchored in authenticity, and executed with skill.

And yes, it can be learned.“

When you ask Stefan to describe his ideal version of a leader, he will start by telling you about a clear vision rooted in a strong personality. „Real leadership is inner guidance becoming touchable to others – and they decide to follow this vision out of free will,“ he is convinced. „I had the great opportunity in my life to witness great leaders from close up, and to be supported by one in my very first position in professional leadership. Looking back it became very obvious to me, that there are those who only want to be followed, and those who really are being followed – and in most situations the root cause for it was anchored somewhere in the magic triangle of their ambition, attitude and authenticity.“

And this experience became the starting point for defining his ideal of peak performance in leadership: creating an environment for others in which they can fully develop their potentiality while bringing the vision and targets of their leader to life in a highly efficient, motivated and aligned manner.

Training & Certificates
Stefan Gliesche earned the following certificates amongst others:
  • - as Management Trainer by TAM Trainer Akademie München
  • - as Business Trainer and Consultant by Berufsverband für Trainer, Berater und Coaches (BDVT)
  • - as Behavioral Analyst and Consultant based on MotivStrukturAnalyse MSA by European Academy for Motivation Systems AG
  • - as Motivational Analyst and Consultant based on MotivationsPotenzialAnalyse MPA by motivation analytics UG
  • - as Personality Analyst and Consultant based on SCAN Personality Analysis by scan.up AG
and successfully completed advanced train the trainer courses with Dr. Helmut Fuchs (training methodology), Artur Zoll (presentation and moderation), Dr. Andreas Huber and Stefan Lapenat (motivational traits analysis), Dr. Pushkar W. Happ and Hans-Jürgen Walter (NLP) and keeps continuously improving his expert qualification.

Certified Expertise, Backed By Real World Experience

Far more than 2.500 days of paid working experience in workshops, coaching and 1on1 training sessions since 2001 created a strong foundation of knowledge and competence. The first steps in training he did in a medium-sized communications agency in Germany: four years of working as a coach and trainer for sales agents and their managers heavily intertwined with a solid education gave him the possibility to learn the trade from the roots. When he left the company in 2008 to establish his own academy he was responsible for maintaining the expert knowledge of more than 1.200 sales agents by means of web based trainings, coachings and trainings on the job by phone or on-site, and training materials created and delivered by his team.
Since then he is coaching and training CEOs, managers and sales teams in big corporations as well as in small companies, always aiming for long-term results in harmony with the client and her/his company. Working for brands like Apple, AOL, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Engel & Völkers, HDI Gerling, Lapp Group, Lotto Bayern, MediaSaturn, MichaelPage , o2 Germany / Telefonica, Premiere / Sky, TPA Horwath and others in German, English and Italian language all over Europe and Asia allowed him to collect deep insights into diverse industries, working styles and company cultures – and to learn how to integrate the cultural differences in international teams into harmonious cooperation.
His approach when coaching and training is strongly rooted in the scientific research into the human personality and communication: he embraces concepts by genius minds that make highly effective training possible today. He strongly believes that every learning experiences should be made to measure to the workings of the human brain to create engaging experiences. Because when we enjoy ourselves, success in learning comes easy.

Now it's your turn.

Now that you have a first impression of Stefan Gliesche, it’s up to you: if you want to build up excellent leadership qualities in your company, we should talk. And because we know that finding the fitting trainer is about more than just the right skills and visible success stories, we would like to give you a first consultation for free – as a little thank-you for your trust and time.

When should we talk?

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