Learning, made effective

The Qianlead Fusion Approach

Diverse Methods United to Create Real World Results

Fusing together different methods into one consistent training approach, kept together by the online learning management system. Using the most effective learning method to achieve a desired result efficiently. Integrating seamlessly into your workflow. Learning becomes easy this way: touchable results come quickly, and they are sustainable, because everything starts out from your very own personality.
  • Methods
  • Online
  • Workshop
  • 1on1
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Mentoring

Our Building Elements for Successful Training Programs

Online Learning: Acquire Knowledge Everywhere
Learn new knowledge with online lessons to prepare for a workshop or reflect on and deepen your abilities with online review sessions – whenever it suits you, completely relaxed from your computer at home or in the office. Lessons dedicated to a single topic, checks-ups to verify the knowledge and online-coaching with a dedicated trainer make this possible.
A meeting got cancelled, 30 minutes of free time for you: why not use this unexpected space in your schedule to repeat some stuff from the last workshop and reflect on the progress you made in your leadership skills? You open the web browser, start with a short review of its main topic, and answer a few questions to see if you’re up to date and to let your trainer know how the transfer into your daily life is working out. Individually prepared tips, answers and advice for you will come by email and in the next personal meetings – so that you can keep getting better at your job continuously.

Five Good Reasons for Online Learning
  • To review content learned and exercised in a workshop, and getting a feedback on the knowledge acquired and the progress made
  • To safe workshop time – and thus costs – by learning the theory upfront with online lessons and assignments
  • To verify knowledge on key topics with an online testing before the start of a new session or program
  • To support an ongoing training program with reminders and other stimoli
  • To acquire knowledge and skills in a distance learning program, supported by coaching and training sessions via video-conference and email
Power Workshops: Build Up Competence
Learn and train a competence, build up a team, create a shared and harmonized approach. In the engaging group sessions with your personal trainer you will acquire new competences, better understand your colleagues and share experiences and best practices to become more effective in your daily work.
A small group – actively discussing, exercising and evaluating to bring theory into practice. In short sessions of one or two days, focused on a single topic each, you will acquire the relevant knowledge and learn the abilities to master key situations in a leadership position. The key to success after the workshop is trying it out already in its protected environment: therefore we’re giving significant space to games, group exercises and role plays to make the transition from knowledge to ability as effective as possible. Because only the experiences you made first-hand you will really remember.

The workshop will be most effective when combined with individual 1on1 training sessions

Five Good Reasons to Book a Power Workshop Today
  • To learn and practice a new competence or behaviour
  • To develop or implement a shared approach, as well as the strategy and vision behind it
  • To build up a team, finding your role in a team and create efficient cooperation
  • To brainstorm and create ideas with a structured and focused approach
  • To give feedback and define future developmentsin a structured and constructive way within a team
1on1 Training: Make New Skills Your Own
Find your individual approach for a competence or technique learned or develop it further – directly on your job, in a real situation with real clients or colleagues. Your personal trainer will prepare the situation together with you, support you in it should it be useful and give you a balanced feedback after, so that you can optimize your approach step by step made to measure to your working environment.
A meeting with a co-worker to delegate new tasks, the planning of a communications strategy, a meeting with your team to resolve a situation of conflict – you’re in it, and at your side is your personal trainer. The feedback after a first time will aleady help you to understand where you’re strong – and also where to improve your competence. After the second round you will already see the first successes, and in the end of the session you will have a clear picture how to develop yourself further towards perfection – in your own, very personal way.

Five Good Reasons to Start with 1on1 Trainings Today
  • To transform the knowledge acquired in a workshop into regular practice in your workplace environment
  • To have feedback on a competence and develop it further to be more successful on the job
  • To have the support in new and complex leadership situations of your personal trainer
  • To create the confidence and competence to use the skills learned in a workshop
  • To plan and organize the management style on a first management position
Coaching: Get a Clear Mind and Decide
Learn to better understand yourself, the situation you are in, and the options you have for further development. Work on the foundations of your career in complete confidence with a professional coach: systematically unleash your full potential by defining you individual way to success.
Our collaboration will center around your visions, expectations, ideas, desires and targets: in an open and at the same time structured dialogue we will define the objectives for the coaching, and build the solution step-by-step. The more trust we can build in the process, the more valuable the result will be for you: because in the big circle of life everything influences everything, we will talk about what's moving and what’s touching you. Pleasant or painful, small objectives or big visions, success or failure – thus every experience you make will become a stepping stone towards your final goal. Step by step you will discover your real potential for performance, understand the workings of your personality, and find an access to the unbending energy of life. The resulting power of attraction, inner harmony and focus will enable you to build up your professional performance, bring your vision to life and to become even more successful in your job. 

Five Good Reasons to Start with Coaching Today
  • To reach peak performance and harmony by developing fitting goals, sustainable motivation and touchable results
  • To start living a more self-determined, active and fulfilling life thanks to a better understanding of your personality
  • To become more authentic and decisive – stand up for your ideas and needs, and be regarded for it
  • To build up more passion, power and performance in life by developing new ideas, finding focus and building up self-confidence
  • To have inspiration, stimuli and tangible advice to then create solutions from so far vague and indefinable ideas 
Consulting: Have the Expert by Your Side
Build up a professional and efficient People Process to find, hire and retain key (leadership) talent that will make your company more successful. Your consultant will support you with expert knowledge, professional experience from operational and strategic management level, and models used in multi-national companies in the building up the environment that will keep top talent in your company.
Failing to hire the right people, loosing key talent, or fighting with unhappy and unmotivated staff: only a few of many possible situations in HR that can severely damage the whole company. Your consultant will lead you in the analysis of the root cause for the situation, into the development of a strategy to achieve your objective, and the implementationto make this change happen. She/he will support you as well on the strategic as well on the operational level: because often the little tricks and details will make the big picture unfold.

Five Good Reasons to Hire a Consultant Today  
  • To have an experienced expert at your side, saving time and resources in the implementiation or optimisation of efficient and made-to-measure people processes
  • To develop a competitive compensation system defined by career paths, salary bands, and incentives
  • To have an expert analyze your candidates and support you preparing your decision when recruiting key talent
  • To prepare an HR audit for the Chinese branch, verifying that all requirements are met, cooperation is efficient, and legal risks are minimized
  • To make the European branch compliant with the Chinese headquarters’ needs and processes 
Mentoring: Your Expert is Just a Call Away 
Benefit from the continued support of an expert after the successful conclusion of a Qianlead Program: you learned the skills, and now whenever you have questions, need support in a difficult situation or a person to test-drive your ideas with, your mentor is the first person to talk to. To make the already implemented change durable – and to help you grow beyond today’s limits.
An unwilling associate sabotaging a project, insecurity and doubts preventing an urgent decision, conflicts escalating with the boss: examples for difficult situations in which a trusted mentor can be the factor to overcome paralysis – and as consequence harmful failure. Your mentor is first aid in case of need, a sparring partner for your continued development and trusted advisor where you can get answers to the questions you normally wouldn’t dare to ask. Qianlead Mentoring is a combination of periodical reflection sessions and on-demand support to foster long-term professional development.

Five Good Reasons to Invest in a Mentor After the Training 
  • To protect the investment in training, coaching and consulting, because the probability of transfer into the work place is higher with a security net in case of need
  • To make change sustainable thanks to regular reminders and review
  • To support talented leaders with a continuos support in developing their full potential in the actual role, and thus preparing for the future career
  • To have a trusted, independent point of contact to make it easier for managers to voice problems, understand difficult situations, and develop systemic solutions
  • To catalyze a critical level of pressure into learning by provoking a different way of thinking, a change in identity or a re-ordering of values 
Of course you can book every one of these methods individually, but truth be told, the best effect – and the best return on invest – you will create when combining them skillfully together, to build up a competence from scratch to expertise: because you first need to create the consciousness about it, then transfer the knowledge, build up the ability, train it until it becomes natural, and follow it through until the newly acquired skill becomes a natural habit.

Actually, don't tell others – that's the secret success factor of our leadership training. The others are dedicated and emphatic experts in their field of knowledge, and a treasure trove full of relevant experiences, stories, and games that make the process of understanding and learning effortless and engaging.

5 Steps of a Successful Leadership Training

Learning Goals
Successful training starts with learning goals: your business targets and visions translated in concrete change of attitudes and behaviors renders the training plan transparent and measurable
Key Skills
Touchable change is the result of understanding and learning: focus on selected competences exercised continuosly will make the change in behaviour sustainable and effective
Different personalities need different approaches: personalized learning contents lets them reach their peak performance in leadership while anchoring the new skills in their personality
Learning together creates bonds and exercise opportunities: integration of all stakeholders from the very first beginning fosters a motivating and supportive environment for all participants
Continuos evaluation makes change visible: it allows for short-term adjustment, calculation of retorn on invest, and feedback about observed change with a powerful motivating effect

The System to Unleash the Hidden Powers of Leadership

Inspiring leadership is one of the deciding factors for success or failure, because even the best idea will not materialize in a sold product if the management can not motivate the whole workforce to contribute their part. Big multi-nationals can survive self-centered inefficiency caused by bad leadership for quite some time without immediate danger of failure. The smaller the company is though, the more immediately the impact of bad leadership will become visible – and create desastrous results if no counter measures will be taken. In the end, no one is too big to fail – for the big ones it just takes a bit longer. And when looking back and analyzing why some of those big, famous brands we grew up with do not exit anymore today, usually bad leadership can be identified as one of the main causes for the collapse. 
That’s why we are passionate about great leadership: we focus on personality and attitude as firm foundation for a leader’s development first, and only then on measurable leadership skills that can be learned, trained and assessed. Taken together this becomes a solid foundation for a manager’s systematic development to leadership mastery.
Because we combine elements of group learning with individual skills training, immediate behavioural change happens directly in and after the training – not only in the outcome, but also in approach and attitude. As a result our clients observe already after the first session visible changes in the behavior of the training’s participants: a more conscious approach, a clearer view of the next steps to take, a more goal-centered communication. And because the skills are interdependent, every session adds new aspects to their approach, while the old learnings get repeated and trained continuously.


A skill is made up of the knowledge how to, and the ability to expertly do it: we define a skill as the ability to achieve a desired result by application of a suitable behavior.
That means three components are necessary in learning a competence: 
  • The experience to identify the situation correctly and to understand its root causes
  • The knowledge about strategies and techniques for solving the situation and reaching the desired objective
  • The ability to applicate said techniques in the actual situation and to focus on the planned solution


Combining different methods allows for developing skills that are at the same time known to all participants and adapted to the style and approach of every single individual
While the influence of training on the classic KPI in the business context is quite difficult to prove and verify, a successful change in abilities may very well be measured by observing and rating indicators in the behavior and reactions on it. This is not only useful to track improvements made in the training process by analyzing the level of competence before and after the training, it will also become an indispensable tool in the long-term improvement of your managers’ leadership skills and your company’s culture.
Every Qianlead Leadership Skill is not only defined by intention, attitude and behavior, but also by a set of observable indicators that can be rated. And because they are measurable, and thus comparable, a simple approach of benchmarking and sharing of best practices can launch a continuos improvement process, morphing managers step by step into inspiring leaders.
Working with Qianlead changed the mindset of my management team. I can really see every day how they are more involved, and how they work as a team and with their teams bringing the learned concepts into action in a way that the entire organisation shares the benefits. In the second half of our fiscal year we have an average growth of 15% to 20%, and I’m deeply convinced that part of this growth is because we invested in this programme.
Roberto Pomari (GM Lapp Italia), on the results of the 6-months-training-program for his management team
As you have seen, Qianlead Fusion is designed to work with an interconnected mix of methods on all aspects that can help create inspiring leadership: it’s the systematic approach to bring a company’s global vision to life by developing its management into an aligned team of powerful leaders. To achieve this objective, we integrate leadership training with HR management and recruiting. In the end this will create an inspiring environment and a motivating culture to work in – that will become tangible, palpable, and touchable for every single associate.