刘红 Hong Liu

Qianlead Consultant for Inspiring Leadership Culture

In the Fitting System, Everyone Can Lead Associates to Success

Hong Liu is an experienced HR expert for challenging business situations like startup, change processes, or post merger integration: if you want to create an environment attractive to top-level talent in leadership or build up an efficient HR administration, she’s the perfect choice to develop or revise your HR strategy, system and processes to bring your real-life business culture in perfect harmony with your company’s vision and values. For more than 10 years she’s created stunning results in multinational corporations, like successfuly integrating two company cultures post-merger, or building up a new plant’s staff from 0 to 450 in two years, or creating an Asia-wide management development program for more than 120 junior talents.
Well-structured processes based on a global HR strategy and a deep understanding of how to establish an inspiring leadership culture company-wide will be the results of cooperating with Hong: because developing a simple process from a complex situation automatically creates a deeper understanding of logical contexts, structuring procedures into standardized work processes evolves efficiency and establishes comparability, and creating transparency about those rules and processes fosters motivation and harmony in the workforce. With all of this, Hong supports you in creating an inspiring working environment that will help you to better reach your business goals: by uniting and focusing everyone’s energy in a consistent system, only diverse in form and style.
Her logical and structured mind, her profound understanding of both the Chinese and the Western way to think, talk and act, in combination with the broad experience collected in different roles and functions in several multinational organizations, are only a few of the unique advantages of working together with Hong Liu. Her clear, precise and detail-oriented approach, always interconnected with the big picture of the objective to achieve, leads to elegant solutions that are easy to implement and enable freshly founded companies as well as global organizations to create efficient people processes: the perfect environment for skilled leaders to inspire their associates, for HR to efficiently insert new staff, and for recruiters to attract promising talent.
„Majoring in mathematics opened my mind for how to prove a theorem by axiom. It trained me well for today’s business world: developing the essence and simplicity from complex situations allows for solutions that are not only elegant, but can be implemented easily in real-life business situations, with predictable outcome and efficient investment of resources.

Good leadership is based on transparent, well-defined and simple rules, that allow for efficient and frictionless cooperation – and yes, those rules can be easily found once the complexity is understood and overcome.“
– Hong Liu
When you ask Hong to share with you her recipe for successful business ventures, she will talk about consistent culture, strategy and organizational structures, aligned with a powerful company vision that gives direction. „It’s a colossal waste of energy: so many companies invest many efforts and resources into developing a beautiful strategy, complex organizational structures and fancy people projects – especially in turn-around or transition situations.” she observed. „Yet in the real life little or nothing is changing: everyone looks busy doing something towards the new strategy – the closer you look however, the more you come to realize that every little project is isolated, and often not even touching the core ideas of the business, fostering growth or increasing the reputation for the employer brand. Take a few steps back, and suddenly you get the feeling that everyone is running in circles – at maximum speed. Why? Because every manager is only worried about protecting her/his little kingdom from foreign influence instead of being inspired by a uniting vision and enabled by a cooperative culture.” And this became the starting point for defining her ideal of peak performance in leadership: creating an environment for others in which they can fully develop their potentiality while bringing the vision and targets of their leader to life in a highly efficient, motivated and aligned manner.

The Math Teacher, Who Staffed a New Plant With 450 Employees

Eight years working for Bosch in China as HR manager was the splashing start into her second career: realizing her limited influence on the career opportunities for her students after graduation, the maths teacher wanted to do more to bring brilliant young people into successful and inspiring careers. Eight years, that confronted her with all the most challenging situations HR management has to offer: in her first position, she was the responsible HR manager for a post-merger integration with the added difficulty of conflicting business cultures of a U.S. company with a German company. Her next job brought her to the “wild west” of China: together with the Plant Manager, and supported directly by the Vice President Manufacturing of the Business Unit in China, she built up the staff for an ABS/ESP production plant: within two years from zero to a smoothly running operation of 450 employees, most of them highly qualified engineers and technicians – quite a feat for working in the then less developed talent market of Chengdu. Next, a change of perspective: as internal consultant with specialization on the topics of leadership and working culture at the Chinese headquarters in Shanghai she advised the regional president and his team in change processes, introduced leadership-related tools to enhance the productivity in teams and departments, and led feedback sessions to management as well as workshops on intercultural communications, basic moderation skills or strategy building in China and Germany for Bosch Training Center.
In 2017, after as Director HR China at Wagner Spraytech she successfully developed the Chinese HR strategy and roadmap for her last employer, she decided to start her third career: bringing her incredible knowledge and experience to organizations that want to grow sustainably and profitably. Thanks to her profound hands-on experience of every aspect in a company, she developed sharp eyes and deep insights into how a business works: from strategy to talent management to process – she’s able to quickly figure out why results are not coming in and where the root cause for it can be found. And then she’s really good at finding the solution for this equation – because that’s what mathematicians do.

Education & Certificates

Hong Liu earned the following academic grades and certificates amongst others:
  • as Bachelor of Science – Applied Mathematics by Dalian University
  • as Master of Arts – Enterprise Management by Suzhou University
  • for Process Consultancy by SYNNECTA GmbH 
  • for Strategic Success Drivers in Company Culture by Bridge Partnership
  • for Bridging Culture: intercultural Leadership by Intelligence
and successfully completed advanced training courses on Change Management (SYNNECTA), Conflict Management (Learning Alliance), Moderation and Facilitation (Bosch Training Center), Presentation Skills (ClarkMorgan), Visual Thinking & Graphic Facilitation (Visual Bubble), and keeps continuously improving her expert qualification.

Skills Profile

Executive / Leadership Coaching
Leadership Skills Training
Recruiting Skills Training
Strategic & Process Consulting for HR
HR Skills & Knowledge Training
HR for China Consulting
Now that you have a first impression of Hong Liu, it’s up to you: if you want to build up an excellent environment for inspiring leadership in your company, we should talk. And because we know that finding the fitting consultant is about more than just the right skills and visible success stories, we would like to give you a first consultation for free – as a little thank-you for your trust and time. When should we talk?