Based in La Spezia, Italia and Shanghai, China, we develop strong and effective leaders and HR professionals through personality-centered peak performance strategies that unleash their full potential and create harmony at the same time. Working in diverse cultural contexts in Europe and Asia, we see the differences but also the common need for a respectful and sensitive leadership that motivates, develops and inspires people.

Stefan Gliesche: Qianlead Coach

„I believe that good leadership can change the world – the little one of every single employee, but also the big one for all of us by guiding teams to create amazing products and services: because it's the manager who is responsible for creating an environment, in which everyone can live up to her/his full potentiality. Good leadership starts with a clear vision, is anchored in authenticity, and executed with skill. And yes, it can be learned.“
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刘红 Hong Liu: Qianlead Consultant

„Majoring in mathematics opened my mind for how to prove a theorem by axiom. It trained me well for today’s business world: developing the essence and simplicity from complex situations allows for solutions that are not only elegant, but can be implemented easily in real-life business situations, with predictable outcome and efficient investment of resources. Good leadership is based on transparent, well-defined and simple rules, that allow for efficient and frictionless cooperation – and yes, those rules can be easily found once the complexity is understood and overcome.“
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Qianlead Fusion: Learning Made Effective

Fusing together different methods into one consistent training approach, kept together by the online learning management system. Using the most effective learning method to achieve a desired result efficiently. Integrating seamlessly into your workflow. Learning becomes easy this way: touchable results come quickly, and they are sustainable, because everything starts out from your very own personality.
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The Qianlead System

„Imagine a workplace filled with bustling energy and relaxing harmony at the same time. Imagine highly motivated people creating an amazing value for the company because in doing so they are realising their own career vision. Imagine a group of people becoming one because together they want to bring their CEO’s inspiring vision to life. And now imagine you could make this imagination come true thanks to a revolutionary coaching programme.“
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The Qianlead Solution

We coach, train and advice CEOs, managers and HR experts on how to build a strong leadership team: get a first idea why Qianlead will make your company more successful!
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We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

We know that different challenges need diverse solutions. This is why we don't offer you one standard solution. Instead we would Iike to better understand your objectives and needs so that we can then together build your Qianlead Fusion Training System with your personal mix of Leadership Coaching, Power Workshop, 1on1 Training and Qianli Online Academy sessions. Because your peak performance is our objective.
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