Training Leadership Skills

We believe in building up great leaders by working on attitude, authenticity and ambition.
We're passionate about developing charismatic personalities who can lead to amazing results that will push our civilisation forward.
We coach, train and advise CEOs, managers and HR experts on how to build a strong leadership team: from finding the right people for key positions, over developing managers into inspiring and efficient leaders, to retaining the key talents in the company we deliver the solution to make you more competitive in the market.

Hong and Stefan are the hearts and brains behind Qianlead: they developed this training system for business leaders from their profound experience in management and training for brands like Apple, Bosch, Engel & Völkers, Lapp Group, S.C.Johnson, Telefonica, Wagner Group and others. Take a moment to read a bit more about their background to better understand why they are the right choice for making your leadership team amazingly successful!

Qianlead Fusion: Learning, made effective.

Perfect Blend of Methods

Different methods seamlessly fused together into one consistent approach make the training incredibly efficient: it allows us to use the most effective learning method for every single result to be achieved. While distant learning via online courses or email are suited perfectly for efficient transfer of knowledge or self-guided reflection, workshops are ideal to align people and methods to create a deeper understanding. Individual sessions allow to find individual solutions, be it to reach decisions or to transfer newly learned methods from the training room to the real life environment in the company.
This is why with Qianlead Fusion we combine methods to make sustainable change possible and thus render your investment in training valuable.

By Your Side, Continuously

Change doesn't happen in a day: it takes 2 to 3 months of continuos doing to alter a habit or to create a new one. Therefore a typical training project will take from a few months to a year to achieve the training goals defined together in its beginning. But in daily business the new strategy and behavior is quickly forgotten: new skills don't come easy.
This is why with Qianlead Fusion we ensure a ongoing support for the project leader as well as for the participants: of course there's always an open ear for questions asked or support needed for specific situations. And why there will be self-learn tasks and exercises between the on-site sessions to continuously keep the learned skills active and to develop them further even when the trainer is not on site.

Learn to Do, Your Way

Everyone is different: different skill sets, different experiences, different personalities. Yet one solution should fit for all: one goal, one methodology, one training. It just won't bring the desired results: individual persons need individual translations of common goals and methods to better understand why it's beneficial to them and how to apply them in daily life.
This is why in Qianlead Fusion group training elements are always coupled with individual sessions, so that every single participant can find his or her personal "translation" for the training room exercise to real world application. Learning becomes easy this way: touchable results come quickly, and they are sustainable, because everything starts out from your very own personality.
Workshop at Michael Page Shanghai


We focus on developing authentic leadership skills. You can benefit for example by developing managers into motivating leaders to make them more efficient and productive in their role, to work on leadership and corporate culture to retain talent and unite a team after a merger or turnaround, to support top management in defining their people strategy and leadership culture to guarantee future success for the company.
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